GRAMMY – Submitted Artist
JUNO – 6 Time Nominee
ECMA – Award Winner
CHOC Jazzman de l’annee – Award Winner
Martin Luther King Jr. – Achievement Award Winner


Notable performances

Jeri has performed for:
Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney
Finland President Mauno Koivisto
US Presidential Advisor Vernon Jordan
US Consul General Bernadette Allen

Jeri has performed or recorded with noted musicians including:

Dizzy Gillespie
Betty Carter
Oscar Brown Jr.
Leon Thomas
Fred Hersch
Cyrus Chestnut
Erik Truffaz
Pierre Michelot
Jimmy Rowles
Kenny Werner
Clayton Cameron
Rufus Reid
Trevor Ware
John Betch
Kevin Eubanks
Dr. Billy Taylor
David Murray
Grady Tate
Avery Sharpe
Oliver Jones
Joe Lovano
Ranee Lee
Billy Hart

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Notable performances


“The torch has been passed, Betty Carter is gone, and Jeri Brown is in line here and now.”
– Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

“Brown’s voice is a true marvel, seemingly boundless in its range, resourcefulness and daring. She leaps back and forth across several octaves as if it were no more difficult than breathing, and scats at length with unusual grace and soul.”
– The Washington Post

“Brown’s voice is so compelling, delivered with such a stunning blend of musicality and expressiveness, that the content of the songs fades in importance. She could, to paraphrase the classic phrase, sing the telephone book and make you remember every number.”
– Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

“Brown’s brilliance as a scat singer & her narrative flair are unsurpassed among singers of her generation.”
– Nashville Scene

“Jeri Brown is a singer of immense capabilities who always swings hard and really works with an ensemble as one of the musicians – not a singer with incidental backup; a rarity among vocalists.”
– Willard Jenkins

“Jeri Brown is a great musician. Like Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan, she uses her voice with great imagination and creativity. Her expertise and training have helped her shape a personal style that is passionate and exciting.”
– Dr. Billy Taylor

“...big voice, big range, gymnastic singing techniques, sophisticated singer.”
– The Toronto Star

“A modern standards singer with an approach somewhere between classic and experimentalist.”
– Richard Cook and Brian Morton, The Penguin Guide to Jazz

“Jeri Brown has it all – adventurous spirit, superb musicianship, and technique to spare.”
– Fred Hersch

“Her beautiful and original soul music moves outside of its intended genre and becomes a life all its own.”
– The Coast, Halifax (Canada)

“Brown’s lush Sarah Vaughan–esque sound is balanced by an attention to articulation reminiscent of Carmen McRae.”
– Los Angeles Times

“Jeri is a singer of remarkable range – she can negotiate four octaves effortlessly, most singers work with an octave and a half or two at the most – and inventive ingenuity...a gifted singer.”
– Gene Lees

“Brown is thrilling,”
– Jim Beal Jr., San Antonio Express–News

“Jeri Brown has a unique and definitive interpretation of vocal jazz music. Feelings produced while performing with Jeri were extremely rewarding.”
– Avery Sharpe

“Jeri Brown is a rare breed, who can not only produce a wonderful sound, which is expected from a singer, but can also be extremely creative and has the audacity to musically understand all that she is doing.”
– Rufus Reid

“Montreal jazz diva Jeri Brown is an amazing woman with an amazing voice and, most of all, an amazing heart.”
– Hour, Montreal (Canada)

“She is a hard worker, destined for great things in the future.”
– Ellis Marsalis

“It is always a pleasure to work with Jeri Brown. Jeri probably has the best ears of anyone I have ever worked with. I get a wonderful feeling when I listen to Jeri improvise over mine or anyone else’s changes.”
– Kenny Wheeler

“She’s outstanding...she has a really pretty voice...I don’t normally like scat singers, those scooby–doo people, but she does something different with it.”
– Jimmy Rowles

“Brown uses her voice with a rare sensitivity to jazz phrasing; by turns sweet and sassy, it is always focused and pure in tone. A little torch, a little bop: a lot to like.”
– Tim Sheridan, All Music Guide

“Montreal jazz diva Jeri Brown is an amazing woman with an amazing voice and, most of all, an amazing heart.”
– Bugs Burnett, The Hour, Montreal (Canada)
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