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Zola and the Sirens  

Zola and the Sirens : Jan 23, 2020

by Jeri Brown 

In a timeless place on the small Zina island up north lay Zola, 

a large lake near Nova Scotia coastal shore, 

three siren sisters took the form of mermaids, 

beautiful humans above the waist, 

fish below with human head and arm. 

Surrounded by an elongated sheet of shallow water a mile long, 

the wide island gently curved a dune of fine white sand. 

During the season smooth sand lilies between the bay and the lake. 

Strange bulbs buried in the…

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Some vocal improvisation of Jeri 

>Here are you tube links to a few VOCAL IMPROVISATION VIDEOS I have done for Jongleur Productions:
Sun Song with Leon Thomas:
Come, Come And Play With Me | Wandering Love | | Fresh Start | The Moment I Look At You | Bohemia After Dark | Moonray

Jeri Brown Master Class/Jazz Choir Nov. 28 Concert  

In the illustrious international Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, an entire day was spent instructing supervising and directing 25 talented singers, instrumentalists and audio recording technicians for an evening concert on a very icy cold night in Montreal to a good, warm audience!  Mic technique, stage presence, and interaction with rhythm section was my focus during the day. Long day - but well worth it!