Nightwind Elder

nightwind elder 

Confused in the night, his big-boned face, large flat nose, large bone-chilling hands, hairy muscular thighs, thickset flattened nose and huge lips descended without consent. He towered over my 5 foot 6-inches on the cold-dank floor slightly bruised from switchblade pressed against my throat. Bent with muted cries and black rubber goulashes removed, he tossed my charcoal grey wool coat, black tights and white undies. I crouched to his bestiality as he entered pulling my shocked swollen face to the cold cement basement floor. 

Stale, fermented, damp and imposed, the warm yet desolate area was interposed with intoxicating odors of rusty pipes’ toxic grime and sewer mold. Stained from the umbrage of piss-mist residue, my gore-stained face thirsted for a desperate waft of gentle air as I obeyed the loyal father figure in an eerie quiet, resilient with all my might as he stole.