The practice of writing is ultimately an exploration an exploration of consciousness and a path toward deeper self-awareness. But how do we cultivate dept in our own writing to reveal the profound emotional insight and revelation that inspires and moves us as readers? First we must be willing to touch the raw emotional core that lies at the heart of creativity.

Join Jeri Brown to explore awareness, self-expression, and creativity through the practice of writing coupled with mindfulness meditation. Through dynamic writing exercises, sitting and standing meditations, readings, sharing, and discussions, we learn to access deeper levels of creativity and inspiration to cultivate depth in our writing.

The take away goal of each session is to improve writing skills and an extensive understanding of the connection between creativity and consciousness.

ZOOM writing workshops are open to all, and is especially valuable for those with a committed mindfulness meditation and writing practice. To join a session complete SEND A MESSAGE TO JERI FORM for details.

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