Jongleur Press launches upcoming Books of Jeri Brown in 2020

Working titles of nonfiction and fiction by writer Jeri Brown are in the works! Updates will be forthcoming. All books available through website purchase.

2019 Launches

Skin Folk by Jeri Brown

2020 Scheduled Launches

Unnecessary Family, Poetry by Jeri Brown

Vocal Riffing: How Music Saved My Life Memoir by Jeri Brown

Esprit Nit – Poems and Prose by Jeri Brown

You’re a Shining Star – No Matter Who You Are: Saddest Woman:, novella by Jeri Brown

Monster: Nightwind Elder Minotaur, novel by Jeri Brown

2021 Scheduled Launches

Zing Strings of My Heart, Duet Prose Poetry by Jeri Brown

Two Minutes of Silence, novel by Jeri Brown

Silas – My tribute to the greatest dog on Earth

My Toy Collection of Jeri Brown
American vocal artist, author, and social activist, Brown shows how overcoming shame can heal the psychological wounds we bear as individuals and fuel us with the daring and imagination toward greatness.

Vocal ecosystem by Jeri Brown

Red Throated Sex – One Scientist’s Passion by Jeri Brown

The Song is You  – Jazz Voice Horn book by Jeri Brown

One Black Life by Jeri Brown


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