Jeri Brown Master Class/Jazz Choir Nov. 28 Concert 

In the illustrious international Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, an entire day was spent instructing supervising and directing 25 talented singers, instrumentalists and audio recording technicians for an evening concert on a very icy cold night in Montreal to a good…

Regina Jazz Festival presents JERI BROWN

June 15 performance in Regina was a grand time with a great audience and wonderful group of staff and jazz festival volunteers. I had my fill of delicious foods while there at Craves -  supah! Wht a great band Dead…

Yardbird Suite Performance - 2 nites - Edmonton!!!

Edmonton was great! Beautiful sun! Loved Dadeo restaurant!!! Cpuldn't stay away from their New Orleans hospitality! Great audiences both nites at Yardbird! Thanks, Mr.Spence for excellent transporting of us.  And yes, special appreciation to Lizo sound and video guru.Great to…
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