Salford U.

While it was cool and damp upon arrival, perched next to the BBC, this very contemporary university was so modern - just my cup of tea! I loved it. The classrooms, wall of twitter, wall of dvds, and the bathrooms were so modern...a perfect place to speak about future in jazz, even if it was premised by denouncing the authenticity of swing and all that WyntonMarsellis inspired. With no mention of vocalists in the past or present I have my work cut out for me in bringing attention to the historical and futuristic importance of females,  and vocalists in particular. I remembered when Stanley Crouch first took me to McKell's in New York to see Wynton and his trio during his first tour. What an exciting night! What great music!  What a memory!

Quite a controversial key note address by Mr. Ade. Food for thought..., My talk was great, also. Power point worked well and it was filmed! Great questions from scholars...fascinating. And about Fred Hersch and my suite on time, I hope to present it in a more rhythmical context in the future.

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