March Skype & Radio Activities!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!
It has been super busy and great to spend some time with Skype students as I begin to edit my new CD materials with plans for releasing in May. There are vocal competitions in most provinces and I am happy to report that I am working with singers in most of them, as well as the U.S. Good Luck to you all!  It was also nice hearing a radio show feeaturing the work of former student and now established Blues singer  Dawn Tyler Watson. Very satisfying to her the interview and one of her tunes titled "Cigarette". Bravo!
Best time has been spent with new collaborator Janne from Helsinki. We have managed to have lengthy Skype visits on most weekdays during the month of March. He is a tremendous pianist and composer who I will speak more about in coming months.
I accepted invitation this month to become a monthly contributing writer for Jam Voice magazine. I will share more soon!
I also accepted invitation this month to become a contributing host on a weekly 3 hour radio blog show in Los Angeles. I will share more soon!

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