Poet, fantasy writer, vocal artist and educator, Jeri Brown is an African American griotte (vocal artist, educator, vocalist, researcher, writer of praise and love songs of creative fiction and nonfiction, producer, composer activist of minority matters expressed in rights & ritual songs). Brown is a recognized writer, arts journalist, and former fine arts humanities professor emeritus from Concordia University, [Department of Music, Theatre & Contemporary Dance]. She’s published two collections of poetry: Skin Folk [poetic memoir], and They Won't Believe You [fantasy based poetic memoir]Jeri Brown's latest release is the novel A Necessary Family: Cosmo Gumbo.


A Necessary Family: Cosmo Gumbo (Tellwell Publishing) tells a story of injustice, resilience and peaceful bravery among an unlikely group—zuminaur. This young adult book is part of a series and is a testament to Brown’s love for imaginative artistic development.

A recipient of Canada's Martin Luther King Jr. Award in 2005 for her play: Image in the Mirror, Jeri Brown grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her ongoing academic research on “improvisation within the vocal ecosystem” explores the role of the improvising vocal artist in the larger musical setting including the role of performance of vocalists with severe handicaps. Brown has several published papers and books worldwide and is thrilled to be a member of the League of Canadian Poets and International Women's Writing Guild. Daughter of accomplished painter, granddaughter of a railway porter, and a cook with a sixth sense, Brown is recipient of Canada's Martin Luther King Jr. award in 2005 for her play: Image in the Mirror . She grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and now lives in Nova Scotia with her husband.

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